UCSC in the News

UCSC in the News is a weekly column summarizing prominent media placements UCSC faculty, staff, and students have received.

CBS News anchor Katie Couric featured psychology professor Campbell Leaper's study of sexual harassment among teen girls on her nightly newscast.

Anthony Pratkanis of psychology was featured in an Associated Press article about legislative attempts to prohibit the military from using propaganda to advance its objectives -- something that has been tried before and, Pratkanis said, is difficult to implement.

The San Jose Mercury News noted that theater arts professor Danny Scheie, "beloved for his work at Shakespeare Santa Cruz," played three roles in the California Shakespeare Theater's season-opening production of Pericles.

A Santa Cruz Sentinel story about the exhibits at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center on World Ocean Day included quotes from staffer Shauna Potocky and student volunteer Joseph Curtis.

A Monterey County Herald columnist penned a lighthearted piece about feeling conversationally "challenged," and she had some fun with the topic of psychology professor Jean Fox Tree's research, which explores the conversational role of mutterings such as "uh" and "um."

Economist Ricard Gil continues to field media calls about the price of movie popcorn, most recently from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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