EVC urged support for people affected by fire in Bonny Doon

To: UCSC Managers and Supervisors

From: EVC Dave Kliger

As you presumably know, a wildfire in the Bonny Doon area northwest of campus has been burning since Wednesday afternoon. As of this morning, reports indicated that it had consumed several hundred acres and was not yet contained. UCSC fire crews are actively involved in fighting this fire, and we have offered our support in assisting displaced individuals and families.

The fire has prompted the evacuation of over 1,000 area residents, including some members of the UCSC community. To ensure that we are supporting these individuals in every way reasonably possible, I ask that you:

- Inform Staff Human Resoures if individuals in your area have been displaced or otherwise personally impacted by the fire. Senior HR Partners, listed on http://shr.ucsc.edu/shr_directory/hrst.htm, have been designated as the point of contact for managers and supervisors.

- Offer our support to any employee directly affected, including paid administrative leave. Please discuss this matter with your HR representative in order to receive the most current information.

- Determine what other types of assistance your employees need (such as temporary housing) and consult with your HR representative.

Wherever possible, I encourage you to look for opportunities to offer support. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Cc: UCSC faculty and staff

Other fire information: