Campus provides information on Bonny Doon fire

A wildfire in the Bonny Doon area of Santa Cruz, located about ten miles northwest of campus, has been burning since Wednesday afternoon. As of early Thursday morning, reports indicated that it had consumed several hundred acres and was not yet contained.

Fire Update: Please check the campus's Emergency Management web site for updates on fire status, road closures, and fire-related media coverage.

Commencement Update: The Bonny Doon fire is not threatening the UCSC campus. All commencements and graduation celebrations are still planned as scheduled.

Air Quality: Please monitor the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District web site if you have concerns about fire-related air quality in the Santa Cruz area. As they are available, advisories are posted on this site.

UCSC fire personnel are actively involved in fighting this fire, UCSC police are helping with road closures between the campus and the fire area, and UCSC has offered support in assisting displaced individuals and families.

The fire has prompted the evacuation of more than 1,000 Bonny Doon residents, including some members of the UCSC community. In a message to UCSC managers and supervisors, Campus Provost Kliger has asked managers and supervisors to support these individuals in every way possible. (Please see subsequent message, with contact phone numbers for employees displaced from their homes by the fire.)

The fire has not affected the planned commencements and other graduation celebrations, schedule to begin on campus on Thursday, June 12 (see link, this page).

Updates will be posted on this site and on the campus's Emergency Management web site as additional information becomes available.