Parking permit courtesy void policy to change July 1

Starting July 1, staff and faculty who neglect to display a valid parking permit for the lot they're parked in, or who display a permit improperly, will receive only one courtesy void per fiscal year and will have to pay a $10 administrative fee for the ticket dismissal. The previous policy allowed for two courtesy voids per fiscal year, which were processed at no charge.

The reason? Budget cuts.

"We're the only campus that offers two free courtesy voids," said Elisabet Hiatt, business manager for the UCSC Police Department. "Most UCs allow one dismissal, but they charge an administration fee. We're basically doing what the majority of other campuses are doing. We'll be more standard now."

Not only will UCSC need to cut $7 million to $12.3 million from its 2008-2009 budget because of state budget cuts, but Parking Enforcement revenue has decreased commensurate with available parking space inventory, said Hiatt.

A citation for a display violation, after the one courtesy void per fiscal year, costs $25.

All parking fine funds go to paying for salaries and equipment for the campus's five parking officers, said Hiatt.

Transportation and Parking Services plans to send a letter to permit holders soon that explains the policy change and includes a clear plastic sleeve that attaches to a car windshield and allows users to slip a parking permit in and out.

For information, call the Police Department's Records Office at ext. 9-2231, or visit the Parking Enforcement page.