Class of 2008's commencement exercises, celebrations take place June 12-15

Commencement exercises at the University of California, Santa Cruz, will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 13-15. Commencement exercises will be hosted by UCSC's 10 colleges, as well as the Graduate Division and the School of Engineering. A number of less formal celebrations, beginning June 12, are also planned to honor graduates.

Fire Update: The Bonny Doon fire is not threatening the UCSC campus, and all commencements and graduation celebrations are still planned as scheduled. Please check the campus's Emergency Management web site for updates on fire status, road closures, and fire-related media coverage.

Parking for graduation ceremonies: Please allow extra time.

Lodging Update: The Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitors Council can provide current lodging availability on their web site or by calling their visitors center at 800-833-3494 between the hours of 9 and 5.

Air Quality: Please monitor the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District web site if you have concerns about fire-related air quality in the Santa Cruz area. As they are available, advisories are posted on this site.
A total of 2,242 UCSC students are candidates for bachelor of arts, music, or science degrees. Also this spring, 210 students are eligible to receive master of arts, fine arts, or science degrees; of these students, 79 will complete UCSC's Department of Education master's program in late summer. In addition, 88 UCSC students are candidates for doctorates. A small number of students will receive graduate certificates.

(In the two prior quarters of the current academic year, many other UCSC students completed work for undergraduate or graduate degrees: 1033 undergraduates earned bachelor's degrees, 73 students earned master's degrees, and 41 students earned doctorates.)


Friday, June 13:

Graduate Division Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Chancellor George Blumenthal. 4 p.m. East Field. (831) 459-4108.

Saturday, June 14

Merrill College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Walter Goldfrank, professor of Latin American and Latino studies and sociology. 9 a.m. East Field. (831) 459-3357.

Porter College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Patty Gallagher, UCSC theater arts assistant professor. 9:30 a.m. Porter College Quad. (831) 459-2857.

Cowell College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be William Nickell, UCSC lecturer in Russian language and literature. 1 p.m. East Field. (831) 459-2255.

College Eight Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Mary O'Brien, project manager, Grand Canyon Trust. 1 p.m. Lower West Field. (831) 459-4279.

Oakes College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Angela Davis, UCSC history of consciousness professor. 5 p.m. West Field. (831) 459-4505.

Kresge College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be state Assemblymember (and UCSC alumnus) John Laird. 5 p.m. East Field. (831) 459-3925.

Sunday, June 15

Crown College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be UCSC alumnus Joseph DeRisi, associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics at UCSF. 9 a.m. East Field. (831) 459-2665.

College Ten Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Paul Ortiz, UCSC associate professor of community studies. 10 a.m. West Field. (831) 459-5844.

Stevenson College Commencement: The keynote speaker will be state Assemblymember Fiona Ma. 1 p.m. East Field. (831) 459-3108.

College Nine Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and alumna Martha Mendoza. 2:30 p.m. West Field. (831) 459-5844.

Baskin School of Engineering Commencement: The keynote speaker will be Narinder Kapany, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 4 p.m. Engineering Courtyard. (831) 459-4877.


Thursday, June 12:

GLBTI Rainbow Ceremony: 4 p.m. Women's Center. (831) 459-4385.

Friday, June 13:

Environmental studies celebration: 10 a.m. UCSC Farm. (831) 459-4837.

Feminist studies celebration: 11 a.m. Humanities 1 Building, Room 210. (831) 459-4324.

Physics reception and celebration: 1 p.m. Interdisciplinary Sciences Building Courtyard. (831) 459-2329.

Film and digital media celebration: 2 p.m. Communications Courtyard. (831) 459-3204.

Asian American/Pacific Islander year-end ceremony: 2 p.m. Music Center Recital Hall. (831) 459-5349.

Biology celebration: 2 p.m. East Remote Field. (831) 459-2934.

African American recognition ceremony: 4 p.m. Porter Dining Hall. (831) 459-3207.

Theater arts celebration: 7 p.m. Mainstage Theater. (831) 459-4075.

Saturday, June 14:

Earth and Planetary Sciences celebration: 3 p.m. Earth and Marine Sciences Building, Room B206 . (831) 459-2504.

Sunday, June 15:

Chicano/Latino celebration: 3 p.m. East Field lower lawn. (831) 459-5449.