Fourth Annual Graduate Research Symposium presents impressive student works

The University Center was abuzz as graduate students excitedly told fellow students and interested attendees about their projects and posters.
Bogdan Alexe, a graduate student in computer science, explains Muse: Mapping Understanding and Design by Example to Bill Ladusaw, vice provost and dean for undergraduate education. (Photos by Guy Lasnier)

The annual Graduate Research Symposium, which allows graduate students to share their research in the form of posters and oral presentations, took place Friday, May 16, at the University Center.

The event, held for the fourth year, attracted hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and others to the center, where graduate students presented research posters describing research in a wide range of fields.

Following are the symposium's prize winners.

Denton Prize winner ($500 and trophy)

Jen Gray-O'Conner, Sociology: Solutions in search of problems: Smart growth and the problem of the 21st century

Other award winners:


  • Best of division ($200): Bogdan Alexe, Comp Sci: MUSE: Mapping understanding and design by example

  • Runner up ($100): Dhananjay Sampath, Comp Eng: Routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks

  • Runner up ($100): Mark Storer, Comp Sci: PERGAMUM: Replacing tape with energy efficient, reliable disk-based archival storage


  • Best of division ($200): Abby Kaplan, Linguistics: What factors affect sound patterns in language?

  • Runner up ($100): H. Christian Blood, Lit: About ancient Roman novels

  • Runner up ($100): Rebecca Schein, HistCon: Inventing culture shock

Physical and Biological Sciences

  • Best of division ($200): Dione Rossiter, EPS: Observations of size-resolved drizzle rates in marine stratocumulus

  • Runner up ($100): Leslie Roland, Ocean Sci: Nutritional status of San Francisco Bay harbor seals using compound specific isotope analysis

  • Runner up ($100): Evan Kirby, Astro: Discovery of extremely metal-poor stars in the dwarf galaxies around the Milky Way

Social Sciences

  • Best of division ($200): Karin Mak, SocDoc: Red dust: Chinese workers fighting for compensation

  • Runner up ($100): Shirley Truong, Psych: Violence in the lives of homeless mothers

  • Runner up ($100): Taal Levi, EnvSci: Assessing wild meat hunting sustainability in Manu National Park, Peruvian Amazon