Proposed Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Willeen McQuitta, Director of Staff Human Resources; Pamela Peterson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel

The University invites your comments on the proposed Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program. This program is being proposed for a two-year period, July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2010, in response to the current budget deficit facing the University.

Under the proposed program, temporary salary savings would be achieved through employees' voluntary reduction in time and corresponding pay. Although time and salary are reduced, program participants would continue to accrue vacation, sick leave, and UCRP service credit at their pre-START appointment rates.

All full- and part-time non-probationary career ("regular status") staff employees and academic appointees, except those in faculty and student academic titles and Postdoctoral Scholars, would be eligible to volunteer to reduce their time. In all cases, participation would be dependent upon the approval of the department head.

Participation in the START Program for represented employees is dependent upon agreement by the applicable union.

Implementation of START is subject to Regental approval of amendments to the UCRP to ensure that participation in the START program does not reduce an employee's accrual rate of UCRP service credit or the amount of pay used to determine UCRP benefits. The amendments are scheduled for consideration by The Regents at their May meeting.

Details about the proposed START Program are available online at the following URL:

Comments may be provided by May 30, 2008. Academic employees should direct their comments to Susan Fellows at and Staff employees should direct their comments to Cathy Schoenfeld at .