UCSC in the News

"The Chaotic Birth of Planets," the cover story on this month's Scientific American, was written by UCSC astronomer Douglas Lin.

UCSC in the News is a weekly column summarizing prominent media placements UCSC faculty, staff, and students have received.

Astronomer Douglas Lin wrote the cover story in the May issue of Scientific American on how planets form.

The New York Times, in a lengthy feature about urban farming, quoted Patricia Allen of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems and apprentice Karen Washington. Citing the growing popularity of urban farms, the Times described UCSC's six-month apprenticeship in ecological farming and gardening as the place to go for extensive training.

Head of Special Collections Christine Bunting was quoted in a Rolling Stone magazine article about the Grateful Dead's donation of their archives to UCSC (see Currents story). A columnist also reflected on the story for the Monterey County Herald.

News of ecologist Chris Wilmers's new puma study made the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, and was covered by KTVU Television, KCBS, and KSCO Radio (see Currents story). Wilmers also fielded calls from the San Francisco Chronicle, Aptos Times, and radio stations KUSP, KAZU, and KZSC.

Business journals across the country picked up on a national study by economist Rob Fairlie that documented a decline in entrepreneurial activity by women. Stories appeared in papers in Atlanta, San Jose, Baltimore, Birmingham, Buffalo, Dayton, Sacramento, Wichita, and Boise, among other cities.

Engineering dean Michael Isaacson was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about industry funding for university research.

Professor of literature Tyrus Miller was cited in the May 2008 issue of Art in America for his collaborative work with San Francisco-based artist Darren Waterston.

Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies was featured in an Oakland Tribune article about the growing number of Guatemalan immigrants in the East Bay and their challenges with language, culture, and employment. The story also ran in the Contra Costa Times.

Biologist Janet Linthicum at the UCSC Predatory Bird Research Group was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle story about high levels of flame retardants found in falcon eggs.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel announced two UCSC media awards--noting associate professor of film and digital media Sharon Daniel received a $35,000 fellowship from the Tribeca Film Institute for Artistic Excellence (see Currents story), and 2007 American studies graduate Sam Laird received $2,500 as winner of the fifth annual Student Journalist Award from the Chronicle of Higher Education (see Currents story).

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News reported on UCSC's ranking by the EPA as the sixth-largest higher-education purchaser of "green" power (see Currents story).

A story about research on the Tibetan plateau by geologist Xixi Zhao appeared as the "image of the day" feature on Live Science (see Currents story).

The Mid-County Post ran a story about research by biologists Terrie Williams and Mary Zavanelli on how diving marine mammals protect their brains from oxygen deprivation.

Astronomer Garth Illingworth was quoted in a Space Daily story about compact galaxies in the early universe.

The Santa Cruz Good Times ran a story on UCSC's Film and Digital Media Department, quoting senior Deva Blaisdell-Anderson.

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