Staff advisors to the Regents to meet with UCSC staff May 5

Staff are invited to attend an open forum and meet this year's UC staff advisors to the Regents, Lynda Brewer and Bill Johansen. The forum will take place on Monday, May 5, from noon to 1:15 p.m. in Room 210 of the Humanities Building.

The forum will give Lynda and Bill a chance to introduce themselves, describe their role advising the Regents, and give updates on the issues they are working on, such as succession planning, the UC budget, and long-range administration planning.

For more information about the role and history of the staff advisors to the Regents and biographies of the current advisors, go to

The presentation will be followed by an open discussion. There will be plenty of opportunity for UCSC staff to ask questions or voice concerns.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to provide release time to employees to attend this event.

For questions, contact