Three environmental studies graduate students win Fulbright Awards

Environmental studies graduate students Timothy Krupnik (top), Michelle Olsgard (middle), and Anna Zivian have won Fulbright Awards.

Environmental studies graduate students Timothy Krupnik, Michelle Olsgard, and Anna Zivian have received 2008-2009 Fulbright Awards that will help fund their overseas research.

Krupnik's research focuses on rice production in northern Senegal. He is exploring the viability of low-external-input (LEI) farming systems in the Senegal River Valley, using agroecological and socioeconomic principles to evaluate the impacts of LEI on rice production and natural resource conservation.

Olsgard is working in Tibet on Cordyceps sinensis, a rare fungus endemic to the region at high altitudes. She is using ethnographic and ecological research methods to examine how harvesting practices interact with resource viability.

Zivian is working in Europe, exploring the environmental politics in various European Union countries. Her award will facilitate further research in Austria.