Message to students about '4-20'

To: UCSC Students

From: Vice Chancellor Felicia E. McGinty, Ed.D

UCSC is committed to providing a safe, healthy environment in which our students, staff and faculty can thrive. To that end, I write to you regarding a non-University sanctioned event that has become concerning for our community. Often referred to as "Four-Twenty" or "4/20," this event revolves around the use of marijuana and other illegal drugs. Over the past four years, we have seen this non-sanctioned event grow in numbers from several hundred people to over 5,000 people last year.

This activity has become a concern to the University administration, to our campus community, parents, prospective students and families, and members of the greater community. We are particularly concerned about the sheer number of people who may show up to participate in this event. Participants in the past have been UCSC students, some middle school and high school minors, and many non-affiliates with no investment in our community. In light of the large number of unplanned people who may arrive on our campus this weekend, several measures will be implemented to ensure the safety of the greater campus community. I want to provide all students with a summary of these measures so that you may plan accordingly in advance of the weekend. I regret the inconvenience these measures may cause.

o Campus Access and Kiosk Gate Program: The campus will be closed to non-affiliates during Sunday, April 20. The kiosks at the two entrances to campus will be staffed from regular Saturday evening hours, beginning at 8 p.m., through all day Sunday, ending, Monday at 6 a.m. Proof of affiliation will be required, per standard operating procedures. The West Entrance to campus will be closed to inbound vehicular traffic on Sunday. The Main Entrance will be open that day, but campus personnel will restrict vehicular access to people who have UCSC parking permits or who can show evidence they are attending sanctioned campus events that day.

Students who live off campus and wish to drive onto campus during this period will need to present both a University Parking Permit and a Student ID.

Guests attending pre-approved campus events must also have a parking permit or park in metered spaces.

Drivers and passengers who can't prove that they have a legitimate reason to be on campus on Sunday will be turned away at the main gate. People can anticipate that there will be delays at the Main Entrance's kiosk.

o Alcohol and illegal substances: Possession, consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are prohibited.

o Guests: Your guests and their behavior on campus are your

responsibility. Violation of federal, state, or University policy by you and/or your guests, are subject to the Student Code of Conduct. Please refer to the following web sites for specific detail:

o University Housing Guest Policy: For students who live in

University Housing, the Guest Policy for student residences will be suspended on Saturday and Sunday night, April 19 and April 20. Residents will not be permitted to have overnight guests on these evenings. Exceptions to this restriction should be made in consultation with your respective Coordinator for Residential Education or Residential Manager.

o Student Behavior: Behaviors that are violations of federal and state law and University policy, as outlined in the Student Handbook, including violations related to the possession, consumption, distribution, or sale of marijuana will be subject to citing by University Police or referral to the Student Judicial Affairs by Residential Staff, Community Safety Officers or other campus officials. Please refer to the following web sites for specific detail:

o Parking: Parking permits will be required in all campus lots

throughout the weekend, even in those that typically require no permits on weekends. The parking restriction will include evening hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. (If you need to park on campus this weekend and do not currently have a permit, you will need to purchase one by 6 p.m. on Friday.) Residential Students who wish to park on campus throughout the weekend will be required to have a parking permit on your car or you may be ticketed.

Parking will be strictly enforced on Empire Grade road, campus roads and all campus parking lots. For safety and welfare of drivers and

pedestrians, any cars parked on Empire Grade road on Sunday, April 20, will be towed at the owner's expense.

o Campus transportation: Metro bus drivers, at the University's

request, will not bring riders onto campus on Sunday. The only "campus" stop, coming to and from UCSC, will be the one adjacent to the Main Entrance. (If disability transportation is needed as a result of this restriction, special van service on campus can be requested at this one bus stop.) There will be no on-campus shuttle service during the day on Sunday.

o Vending: Vendors of food and merchandise will not be permitted on campus, including vending from any of our campus members or groups, without permission and according to our vending regulations. Please refer to the following web site:

While these measures may be an inconvenience for many in our community, I am hopeful that they will assist the campus in managing the sizeable crowd that may gather throughout the weekend and on Sunday. Again, our goal is to manage the crowd, discourage behaviors that are policy violations and address safety risks. I am hopeful that this information will also assist you in coordinating your plans for the weekend.

Thank you for you time, consideration, and compliance.