CruzPay Student Employee Rollout

We are writing to provide you with additional information on the upcoming plans to bring student employees into the CruzPay electronic time reporting system. As the next phase of CruzPay implementation, approximately 2,300 student employees in non-academic positions will begin using CruzPay during spring quarter 2008.

CruzPay has been configured to support multiple jobs (assignments) for the student employee population. Student employees will be able to enter hours worked on each individual assignment that has been set up in CruzPay, and the timesheet for each assignment will route electronically to the appropriate supervisor for approval.

If you are a supervisor of a student employee, this information is especially relevant for you. If you are also a current CruzPay user, you may notice differences on your dashboard during April as we configure the system to include student employees. You will receive specific information as outlined below.

For complete details on student use of CruzPay, please visit our updated website:

Please note the following timeline:

April 3: Heads up e-mail to individual student employees

April 17 - 21: E-mail to individual student employees with account information (User ID and initial password)

April 21 - 30: E-mail to supervisors of student employees, may include account information (User ID and initial password) if the supervisor is a new CruzPay user

April 24: Student employees begin recording time in CruzPay for the pay period April 24 - May 23

May 23: Supervisors begin approving student employees' hours on-line

If you have any questions regarding CruzPay, please e-mail

Thank you,

CruzPay Project Team