Attack on home of researcher covered widely in media

February 26

Police swarm home on Riverside Avenue in Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

UCSC officials: Animal rights activists targeted researcher's home (San Jose Mercury News)

Police say warrant discovered evidence of other possible attacks (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Students Are Implicated in Attack on Animal Researcher's Family (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Group attacks man at the front door of his Santa Cruz home (San Jose Mercury News)

UCSC researcher's family attacked at home (Monterey Herald)

Animal Rights Activists Accused Of UCSC attack (CBS 5, KPIX TV)

Calif. researcher believed target of attack (USA Today)

February 27

Latest Attack on a California Scientist Who Uses Animals in Research Signals Shift in Tactics (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Order restrains animal rights extremists at UC (San Francisco Chronicle)

UC Santa Cruz biomedical researcher shares details of attack by activists (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

SHAC7 Claims No Responsibility for UCSC Researcher Attack (SFist, a web site about San Francisco)

Santa Cruz police: No suspects in animal rights attack, FBI brought into investigation (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Extreme Animal Rights Activists Attack UCSC Faculty Member? (SFist, a web site about San Francisco)

As We See It: Intimidation, not activism in Santa Cruz incident (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Researcher victim of home invasion (ABC 7, KGO TV)

UCSC animal researcher targeted (

Intruders Target UCSC Researcher's Home (KCRA TV)

February 28

FBI joins investigation into attack on home of UC Santa Cruz researcher (San Jose Mercury News)

Animal rights proponents say Santa Cruz protesters not connected to larger networks (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

FBI probes terror ties in attack (The Conservative Voice)

FBI Investigates Attack on UC Santa Cruz Researcher (KCBS Radio)

UC Santa Cruz biomedical researcher recounts attack (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Targeted UCSC animal researcher speaks (

UCSC Researcher Attacked at West Santa Cruz Home (video web site)

February 29

FBI joins investigation into attack on Santa Cruz researcher (San Jose Mercury News)

Police checking possible link between animal rights-vandalism cases (San Jose Mercury News)

Police investigate similarities in attacks on UCSC, Berkeley researchers (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Police probing possible ties to attacks on UC Berkeley, Santa Cruz researchers (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

FBI joins probe of violent protest: UCSC researcher's husband struck (San Jose Mercury News)

As We See It: The blame game; UCSC incident sparks backlash (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

March 1

Police, other agencies collaborate on animal rights attacks (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

March 2

Santa Cruz police still trying to identify animal rights protesters (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Christina Wise: When personal beliefs violate private space (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

March 7

Rights and Wrongs: Animal rights activists protesting UC lab practices should cease their harassment of researchers' families. (The Daily Cal)

KSBW Editorial: Domestic Terrorism Is Not Free Speech

Animal Researchers' Homes Are Attacked: As protests intensify, colleges take steps to protect scientists (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

March 11

California Regents Sue Animal Activists: UC System Aims to Protect Researchers (Washington Post)

March 12

Opinion: Harassment hurts animal rights cause (Inside Bay Area)