McHenry Library Is Moving!

To: UCSC Community

From: Ginny Steel, University Librarian

Construction of the addition to McHenry Library is approaching completion, so I am writing to alert you to changes that will occur in McHenry as we prepare to begin the next phase of the project. The plan is that the entire contents of the existing McHenry Library building will be moved into the addition that has been construction on the south side, and the existing building will be closed while it is completely renovated. Much of the work will involve seismic and life-safety upgrades to the building, but the interior space will also be reconfigured and upgraded to provide the infrastructure needed for today's libraries. The renovation phase will take approximately 18 months.

The temporary move into the McHenry addition will bring significant, but temporary, changes. Here are some of the major impacts that may affect you in the next 18 months:

* New temporary front door: Access to the library will be through a temporary entrance on the southwest side of the addition (the Performing Arts side). The north side (the Bookstore side) of the existing building will be fenced off, so people approaching from the north will be routed around the construction site to the southwest entrance. The road on the south side of McHenry that has been closed for 2 years will reopen, and metered parking will again be available closer to the library.

* McHenry will be closed during spring break: In order to carry out the move, McHenry Library will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 21 and will remain closed throughout spring break. Barring a crisis during the move, the library will reopen on Monday, March 31, although some areas of the addition may be temporarily closed off if moves are still underway. Some services may not be fully operational since we will still be getting settled.

* Submit reserve lists early, if possible: We will do our best to keep up with processing for McHenry course reserves, but it will help us manage this workflow if faculty submit reserve lists as early as possible. More information will be sent out in the next few days from the Reserves unit.

* Special Collections will have limited availability during the renovation phase: Much of the material housed in Special Collections will be temporarily stored at the UC Northern Regional Library Facility and will not be available for use. A small quantity of higher use materials will be kept on site and will be available. Please plan accordingly.

* Dates for books checked out of McHenry Library have been extended: For anyone who has McHenry books checked out that were to be due during spring break, the borrowing period has been extended. No books will be due during the break.

* ILL materials being held through spring break will be available at the Science & Engineering Library circulation desk.

* McHenry books can be returned to the Science & Engineering Library.

* Join us for tours and a celebration later in April: Once we are settled, we plan to have a small celebration with refreshments and tours in mid-April to give UCSC community members a chance to see the new building. More information will be distributed once the date is set. Come join us then to see our new digs!

The complete McHenry expansion and renovation project will be finished in late 2009 or early 2010. It promises to provide our community with a splendid 21st century library, well worth these temporary inconveniences.

More information about the McHenry project is available at: