Assistance for visitors coming to UC Santa Cruz this spring

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff

From: Richard Hughey, Professor and Chair, Computer Engineering Chair, Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid Michael McCawley, Acting Director of Admissions

Spring is a crucial time of year for university-bound high school seniors and college transfer students, since now is when they must decide where to enroll for fall. Our campus will experience an increase in visitors during this period, anticipating approximately 8,000 visitors. This increase is good news for the campus and continues to show our campus' rising desirability. An outline of campus spring yield events can be found at

This year we are inaugurating "UC Santa Cruz - Spring Spotlight" from April 5 to April 19. This period will be similar to previous years, except that only admitted students and their families will be invited. During the Spring Spotlight period, the regular Campus Tour Program will be suspended. After admissions decisions are released March 15, if students contact you about campus tours, please refer them to the Admissions web site at, where they will find instructions for reserving a place in a Spring Spotlight or regular tour.

In spite of restricting Spring Spotlight to admitted students and their guests, we will still see a large increase in visitors in April. These visitors will be curious about university life and academic opportunities, and may ask you many questions. Please be patient. Your helpfulness will be a key indicator of our university community for these students and their families. Also, if you see individuals or groups who look like they are lost, please help them find their way. If you see items around campus that need attention, please contact Assistant Director of Admissions Beatrice Atkinson-Myers (ext. 9-2352), who will work with the appropriate unit(s) to help make our visitors' experience the best possible.

Thank you in advance for your support during this important season.