Staff Toolkit makes finding business information easier

Staff asked for an easier way to find the business information they need to do their jobs. In response, the Staff Toolkit web page was launched in July 2007 to provide a one-stop resource for information on buying, event planning, facilities, finance, people, campus safety and security, technology, and travel.

Since July, improvements have been made based on suggestions from staff across campus. Thanks to this input, the first revised edition of the Toolkit is now available.

The Staff Toolkit is accessible from the UCSC Staff page, which is a link on the campus home page. In the revised Toolkit, links have been added to improve access to campus directories and reflect web-site improvements in the Financial Affairs area.

Input from users is critical to the success of this resource. While every suggestion may not be implemented, efforts are made to incorporate ideas into longer-term planning for the Toolkit. If you have problems or comments relating to a specific section, click the feedback link located at the bottom of the particular section and suggest an improvement. For general comments and questions, e-mail

The Toolkit is a coordinated effort among staff in central offices, Academic Information Systems, the Public Information Office, and divisional departments, who continue to work together to identify and deliver the information staff need to get their work done.