CruzPay electronic workflow update

To: Staff and Faculty

From: Willeen McQuitta, Director, Staff Human Resources; Kirk Lew, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Financial Affairs

We are pleased to inform you that roll-out of CruzPay Electronic Workflow to our campus customers has been completed. All time reporting and supervisor approval is now done on-line via the CruzPay web interface. We currently have 1,600 staff employees, 200 academic employees (currently as timesheet approvers only) and campus senior management using the CruzPay time reporting system.

The next phase of the CruzPay implementation involves approximately 2,300 student employees in non-academic positions who will begin using CruzPay during spring quarter 2008. Here is a brief outline of spring quarter CruzPay milestones. The CruzPay team will be providing more information to you as each date approaches.

March: CruzPay web site updated with details on CruzPay use by students and their supervisors, and announced via e-mail.

April: Student employees and their supervisors receive CruzPay logins. Student employees begin reporting time on-line.

May: Supervisors begin approving student employees'time on-line.

Additional groups of employees will be phased into the system as the CruzPay implementation progresses. Academic employees who report time worked and/or leave taken, and remaining staff who have not yet been added to the system will participate beginning in the July 2008 through June 2009 time frame.

If you have any questions regarding CruzPay, please email