Campus provost provides update on proposed budget cuts for the 2008-09 year

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff

From: Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger

I'm writing to update you on the state budget situation and share preliminary thoughts about how we intend to approach campus planning for the upcoming fiscal year.

Governor Schwarzenegger's budget proposal for fiscal year 2008-09, released January 10th, includes a 10% reduction in overall state spending. If this proposal is approved, UC will face a $417 million system-wide shortfall when compared to the budget request submitted by UC Regents last November. The Regent's budget request proposed funding for growth in student enrollment, faculty and staff salaries and health benefit costs, and pressing program needs.

It will be months before we know exactly how much the system budget will be reduced this year or what share of that reduction will be borne by our campus. In the interim, here is what we do know:

. Our campus leadership will urge that UC funding be sustained to the greatest extent possible. We will welcome your help in making that case and in identifying ways to effectively continue our teaching, research, and public service endeavors within available resources.

. Given that offers of admission are extended in March, the Regents will soon need to determine what, if any, enrollment growth the system as a whole will absorb. For UCSC, I have proposed that we maintain first-year enrollment at current levels and continue to seek an increase in graduate enrollments.

. Our local budget planning will assume a significant reduction in state funding. I will direct principal officers to anticipate an estimated 10% reduction in core operating budgets. We will adapt our planning efforts as new information becomes available.

. We have weathered prior budget cuts, and we will survive these as well. As has historically been the case, we will focus on protecting instructional resources, maintaining momentum in recruiting outstanding faculty, and utilizing careful management strategies to preserve employment.

The budget challenge facing UC is significant. I know it is unsettling to hear about potential budget cuts without knowing how they might impact us collectively and individually. At this early stage, I wanted to simply acknowledge the challenge and promise to provide you with regular updates.