Election advisory: UC Santa Cruz experts available for commentary and analysis

As the local, state, and national election season heats up, the following experts at the University of California, Santa Cruz, are available for media interviews.

Michael Brown

Professor of politics

Michael K. Brown specializes in African American politics and public policy, including social and economic policies.

(831) 459-2052; popcorn@ucsc.edu.

Pedro Castillo

Associate professor of history

Pedro Castillo specializes in Latino politics and has done research on Latino voter registration and turnout, as well as the power of Spanish-language media in politics

(831) 459-2738; pcastle@ucsc.edu

Sheldon Kamieniecki

Professor of environmental studies and dean of the Division of Social Sciences

Sheldon Kamieniecki's areas of expertise are voting behavior and public opinion, elections, polling, and party politics. He is also available to discuss environmental issues as they play out in the presidential campaign.

(831) 459-3212; sk1@ucsc.edu

Lori Kletzer

Professor of economics

Lori Kletzer's expertise is in labor, education, health care, and the offshoring of U.S. jobs. She is the coauthor of a wage-insurance proposal that has been discussed by some candidates for the presidency.

(831) 459-3596; lkletzer@ucsc.edu

Paul Ortiz

Associate professor of community studies

Paul Ortiz is an expert on voting rights and minority disenfranchisement, as well as the politics of African Americans and Latinos--the so-called "black/brown divide." He is the author of the book Emancipation Betrayed, which focuses on the African American struggle for voting rights in Florida.

(831) 459-5583; (831) 334-0131; portiz@ucsc.edu

Daniel Wirls

Professor of politics

Daniel Wirls is an expert on the presidency, Congress, and military policy. He is available to discuss national elections, national security issues, and military spending.

(831) 459-2134; wirls@ucsc.edu