The following individuals retired during the period of September through December 2007. Retirees are listed with their positions prior to retirement and their length of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Nancy Barr, accountant, Accounting Office, 13 years

Nancy Carroll, police captain, assistant chief, University Police, second retirement

Barbara Davis, assistant director, New Teacher Center, 10 years

Carolyn Del Po, housing accounts adviser, Colleges and University Housing Services, 11 years

Mahnaz Depp, reference specialist, Science and Engineering Library, 15 years

William Dye, superintendent, Physical Plant, 24 years

Margaret Fusari, Natural Reserves director, lecturer in environmental studies and biology, 26 years

Clemens Heusch, professor of physics, 36 years

Kristina Loften, graduate studies coordinator, Environmental Studies Department, 6 years

Anthony Misch, specialist, Mt. Hamilton Observing Station, UCO Lick, 21 years

Anna Munoz, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 6 years

Sheila Peuse, department manager, History of Consciousness Department, 20 years

Randall Porter, project manager, School of Engineering Facilities, second retirement

Fereshteh Rahnema, library assistant, Science and Engineering Library, 5 years

Thomas Riordan, local IT specialist, COAST, 10 years

Deborah Woo, professor of community studies, 23 years

Retirement information supplied by the UCSC Benefits Office.