Judith Aissen named Fellow of Linguistic Society of America

Judith Aissen (Photo by Jim MacKenzie)

Linguistics professor Judith Aissen has been named a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America. She received the honor at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the organization, held January 3-6 in Chicago. Similarly honored at the meeting was professor emeritus of linguistics Geoffrey Pullum.

"Election as a Fellow recognizes a record of distinguished contributions to the discipline and is a very rare honor indeed," said Linguistics Department chair Jim McCloskey. "Professor Aissen is known for her many theoretical and empirical contributions--especially to the linguistics of the Mayan languages--and also for her work with Mayan communities in fostering the kind of linguistic work that is of practical value in education and in language maintenance efforts." (see feature in latest issue of UCSC's Review magazine: Review Story).

Aissen and Pullum join Professor Sandra Chung of the UCSC Linguistics Department, who was named as a Fellow of the Society in 2007.