Nobuhiko Kobayashi wins Best Paper Award from International Association of Engineers

Nobuhiko Kobayashi

A research paper by Nobuhiko Kobayashi, an associate professor of electrical engineering, was selected for the Best Paper Award of the International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2007, part of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science (WCECS). The conference was held October 24 to 26 in San Francisco, and the awards were announced in November.

Kobayashi's winning paper is entitled "Deposition of Smooth Aluminum Oxide on CH3-terminated Alkanethiolate Self-assembled Monolayers by Two-stage Atomic Layer Deposition." Kobayashi's coauthor on the paper is Stanley Williams of Hewlett-Packard Laboratories.

The paper reflects research in Kobayashi's laboratory on the synthesis and properties of nanometer-scale materials, and on the fabrication and characterization of nanometer-scale electronic, optoelectronic, and photonic devices.

The International Association of Engineers, a nonprofit association for engineers and computer scientists, organizes the WCECS conferences. A total of 516 research papers were submitted to WCECS 2007, 293 were accepted after peer review, and 15 were selected for Best Paper Awards in a range of fields. Winning papers were judged on originality, significance, correctness, and clarity.

Kobayashi's paper will be published in the conference proceedings and considered for a special issue of the journal Engineering Letters.