Stunning campus images win photo contest awards

"Old Oak" by Brooke Crowley, first prize winner
Melissa Black, honorable mention
Deborah Bryant, honorable mention
Jenna French, honorable mention
Scott Gabara, honorable mention
Marites Horn, honorable mention
Lee Jaffe, honorable mention
Carolyn Lagattuta, honorable mention
Kyle McElroy, honorable mention
Elizabeth Morgan, honorable mention
Dave Morrison, honorable mention
Ursula Oberg, honorable mention
Moon Rinaldo, honorable mention
Patrick Robinson, honorable mention
Patrick Robinson, honorable mention
Chakrit Yau, honorable mention
Chakrit Yau, honorable mention

This year the Chancellor's Office and acting arts dean Margaret Morse sponsored an on-campus photography contest, open to all students, staff, and faculty. The entries show the stunning physical beauty of the campus--its meadows, valley vistas, ranch buildings, old oaks, and striking architecture. The winning photo and those receiving honorable mention are shown here (except those for which permission to publish has not been granted).

Brooke Crowley, a graduate student in anthropology, was the first prize winner with her photo of oak habitat in the upper campus. She received a $200 gift certificate from the Bay Tree Book Store.

Honorable mentions went to Melissa Black, Deborah Bryant, Jim Clifford (2 photos), Jenna French, Scott Gabara, Marites Horn, Lee Jaffe, Carolyn Lagattuta, Kyle McElroy, Elizabeth Morgan, Dave Morrison, Ursula Oberg, Moon Rinaldo, Patrick Robinson (2 photos), Chakrit Yau (2 photos). These photographers received certificates of acknowledgment.

All photographs will be archived by the Arts Division.