Ink, but not toner, cartridges recyclable on campus

Conscientiously recycling depleted cartridges from office equipment such as laser printers is laudable, but the cartridge recycling program on campus sometimes gets too much of a good thing.

The program takes inkjet or laser jet cartridges, but it cannot recycle toner cartridges, according to Marie Waltrip, financial specialist for Residential, Family & Early Education Services.

There are two cartridge drop-off locations on campus: Family Student Housing, 599 Koshland Way, and the campus Mail Services, located at the loading dock of the Baskin Engineering Building.

At Early Education Services, student assistant Laura Shelley boxes up the cartridges, and they're shipped to a recycling firm.

In addition to being environmentally smart, Early Education Services uses the program as a fundraiser. The recycling company gives the organization a percentage of the recycling income based on volume.

"These funds benefit the children of our faculty, staff, and students who participate in the program," said Waltrip.

Last year, the child care center made $1,224.80 by recycling cartridges, she said.

For information about recycling cartridges, contact student assistant Laura Shelley at 459-5664.