UCSC in the News

UCSC in the News is a weekly column summarizing prominent media placements UCSC faculty, staff, and students have received.

Graduate student Hoyt Peckham and his research on loggerhead turtles were featured in stories on NPR's All Things Considered and in New Scientist magazine, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Science Now, and UPI wire service (see Currents story).

Bill Domhoff of psychology hit a media jackpot when he was interviewed by CBS News about his research on dreams.

The Metro Silicon Valley published a cover story about history professor Dana Frank's new book about Northern California landmarks, Local Girl Makes History, including an interview with Frank and an excerpt from the book (see Currents story).

The Metro Silicon Valley also ran an article on marine protected areas that included quotes from biologist Mark Carr.

Erin Vogel of anthropology was interviewed by BBC Radio while she was in Sumatra last summer researching the diets of orangutans in Indonesia, and the program recently aired.

Kent Eaton of politics was quoted in a Miami Herald story about the decentralization of political power that is sweeping Latin America.

Sky & Telescope magazine ran an article about a planet discovery by Transitsearch.org, an observing network involving amateur astronomers organized by Gregory Laughlin, associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics.

California Agriculture magazine ran a nice feature about the 40th anniversary of sustainable agriculture at UCSC, with a sidebar about the farm-to-college program that supplies the campus with local, organic produce grown by seven Central Coast farmers.

The Contra Costa Times interviewed Tim Galarneau of the campus's Food Systems Working Group for a trend story about changes in "dorm food."

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