UARC team wins big at NASA Ames chili cook-off

Cooks (l-r) Jane Wong, Barbra Parees, Peggy Hasley, and Mitchell Bradshaw show off their trophy at the chili cook-off.

The NASA Ames Chili Cook-off is one of NASA's biggest team-building events of the year. The competition is always fierce, with each team trying to outdo the other to convince the attendees to vote for their chili.

At this year's competition, held on October 4, the team from the UCSC University Affiliated Research Center took second place as the people's choice. The "Surfin' Slugs on Steroids" team members, Jane Wong, Barbra Parees, Peggy Hasley, Jay Nuez, Esther Sylvan, Jennifer Victoria, Mitchell Bradshaw, Stephan Anderson, Ramina Gilyanna, and Amy Gilbert, cooked up 10 gallons of chili for the 1,500 attendees.

The team will not reveal the secret recipe but attributes the win to the distinctive gelatinous texture from a local ingredient.