Check before you dial: '502' phone prefix expanding

Campus phone numbers with the prefix "502" are being assigned to newly hired faculty and staff e.g., (831) 502-1234.

The campus also assigns phone numbers that begin with the "502" prefix to student residences. The decision to expand the "502" prefix to include faculty and staff was prompted by the depletion of 459-xxxx phone numbers.

If you currently have a campus phone number beginning with the prefix '459' your number will remain the same and not change. In addition, dialing campus extensions will not change.

The only change you will notice is that some faculty and staff will have office phone numbers that begin with the "502" prefix in addition to the existing 459-xxxx numbers.

Within campus, an example number will be:

502-1234, dial extension 2-1234


459-1234, dial extension 9-1234.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Support Center at (831) 459-4357.