CruzPay Electronic Workflow implementation

To: UCSC Community

From: CruzPay Project Team

We are pleased to announce that Electronic Workflow implementation for all existing CruzPay users will be completed by the end of October.

Electronic Workflow is a CruzPay system function that allows employees and supervisors to submit and approve timesheets online, with no need to print paper copies. For most employees using CruzPay the only change will be eliminating the Custom Timesheet Report print step. Employees and supervisors will continue to have the option of printing a Custom Timesheet Report for personal records.

We successfully phased in small groups of employees throughout the summer, and are now ready to roll out this new functionality to all CruzPay users.

This will happen during September and October 2007, with approximately half of the campus units transitioning for September time reporting, and the rest for October time reporting.

Visit for a listing of the units and employees using Electronic Workflow beginning in September or October. Employees and supervisors will also be notified individually via UCSC e-mail in the appropriate month with instructions on how to electronically submit and approve timesheets.

Academic supervisors of staff employees will also use CruzPay to approve those employees' timesheets. Additional information will also be provided via UCSC e-mail to academic supervisors regarding their use of CruzPay.

As always, we are committed to making the CruzPay experience a positive one for all users.

Thank you for your continued support of this important campus project. If you have any questions regarding Electronic Workflow or CruzPay in general, please e-mail