The following individuals retired during the period of May through August 2007. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their length of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

James Allen, teacher, Child Development Center, 7 years

Dane Archer, professor of sociology, 32 years

Carol Artman, program coordinator, Central California Writing Project, 19 years

Charles Atkinson, lecturer in literature, 25 years

Peter Bodenheimer, professor of astronomy and astrophysics, 39 years

George Brown, professor of physics, 17 years

Pete Butterworth, project manager, Physical Plant, 22 years

Stephen Choy, auto equipment operator, 14 years

Barbara Collins, interim director of planning and resource managment, University Relations, 23 years

David Cope, professor of music, 30 years

Mary DiFranco, business systems manager, NASA Ames UARC, 28 years

Maria Freeman, lecturer in writing, 19 years

Wilma Gold, director, Child Care Services, 5 years

David Goodman, professor of environmental studies, 17 years

Clare Greene, administrative specialist, Literature Department, 15 years

Regina Hatfield, counselor and outreach volunteer coordinator, Admissions Office, 23 years

John Hay, professor of art history, 16 years

Charles Hernandez, fire chief, 17 years

Edward Houghton, dean of the Arts Division, professor of music, 37 years

Sara Kane, senior architect, 17 years

Jeanne Lance, senior editor, Public Affairs, 19 years

Herve LeMansec, lecturer in French, 29 years

John Lynch, professor of classics, 36 years

William Mathews, professor of astronomy and astrophysics, 40 years

Gary McDonald, computer resource specialist, Institute of Marine Sciences, 32 years

James (Casey) Moore, professor of Earth sciences, 37 years

Keith Muscutt, assistant dean, Arts Division, 33 years

Geoffrey Pullum, professor of linguistics, 21 years

Sarah Rabkin, lecturer in writing, 17 years

Sue Reynoldson, academic support, Natural Sciences, 16 years

Pamela Roby, professor of sociology, 34 years

Linda Rochin, assist to the vice provost, Information and Technology Services, 22 years

Donald Rothman, senior lecturer in writing, 34 years

William (Wes) Scott, director, TAPS, 11 years

Gary Shoemaker, counseling psychologist, 27 years

Linda Smith, disbursement specialist, Accounting Office, 14 years

Nancy Stoller, professor of community studies, 30 years

Lincoln Taiz, professor of molecular, cell, and developmental biology, 35 years

Jule Tanner, assistant director, TAPS, 36 years

Patricia Traugott, advising and records coordinator, Oakes College, 19 years

Tiina Vahtra, marketing assistant, University Extension, 10 years

Philip Vandenberg, coach, intercollegiate athletics, 32 years

Mary Wells, information services manager, University Relations, 28 years

Lynne Wolcott, coordinator, Academic Advising, 26 years

Geri Wolff, senior housing facilities analyst, Colleges and University Housing Services, 19 years

Fred Yuengling, librarian, Science and Engineering Library, 20 years