President Dynes' announcement today

To: UCSC Community

From: Acting Chancellor Blumenthal

As was announced by UC's Office of the President earlier today, Robert Dynes has indicated that he will step down as president of the University of California before the end of the upcoming academic year (

In the wake of this announcement, I want to share with you a statement I have issued to reporters covering President Dynes' decision.

"When Bob Dynes was named president of the University of California more than four years ago, he pledged to sustain UC's well-deserved reputation for both quality and access. He kept his promise with both vision and action.

"Whether it was launching a science-math teacher-training program for California, a long-range planning blueprint for UC, or an international research collaboration, he has advanced our thinking about the critical role that the University plays in the development of society. During often-challenging budget discussions and deliberations, he has reminded California's legislative leaders of the relationship between investing in UC now and forging a better tomorrow, and he negotiated an agreement with the Governor that both stabilized and improved UC's budget. And he's been particularly effective in demonstrating to the state's educational and business leaders that the University of California is a valuable asset, owned by each and every Californian.

"I consider it both a privilege and an honor to know and work with President Dynes."