Summer 2007 Campus Mental Health Services

To: All Faculty and Staff

From: Les Elkind, M.D., Executive Director, UCSC Student Health Services

Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) offer you the following information on how to respond to students in various degrees of psychological or emotional distress during this summer:

For students with immediate or imminent risk Call 911:

- Drug overdose

- Alcohol poisoning

- Imminent threat to self or others

- Sexual assault requiring immediate attention

- Medical emergency

- Domestic relationship violence

- Psychotic like symptoms (hallucinations, delusions, out-of-touch with surroundings, and disorganized speech or behavior)

Students who experience lesser degrees of psychological or emotional distress may present for acute care at the Student Health Center Urgent Care clinic, which receives patients Monday through Friday, between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. These students will be evaluated by the Urgent Care clinical staff and, when indicated, will be referred off- campus for evaluation and follow up by Santa Cruz community mental health providers. Students on campus during the summer may also pick up a referral form from the CPS office for off-campus therapy.

Additionally, throughout the summer there will be a designated CPS manager available to consult with university staff and officials in the event of a major campus event or crisis with mental health significance. Such consultations are available only for crisis situations.

University officials managing crises may consult with a CPS manager by calling the CPS central office at 459-2628.