TAPS 2007-08 Parking and Program Renewals

To: UCSC Community

From: Larry Pageler, Acting TAPS Director

The 2007-08 Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) parking permit and program rates have been finalized. There will be no increase for individual permits (A, B, C, R, meters, etc.); they will remain at 2006-07 rates.

Rates for some unit-specific permits (Official Use, UC Vehicles, and Reserved spaces) will increase approximately 5 percent from their respective 2006-07 levels.

For a complete listing of all parking permit rates, please refer to the TAPS web site at:


Faculty and staff with a nonexpiring permit do not need to complete a new application unless they wish to purchase a 2007-08 Faculty/Staff SCMTD Bus Pass. Those who have a permit with an expiration date of 6/30/07 should complete a new application as soon as possible. The online application can be found online or by visiting the TAPS home page noted above.

The rate for Faculty/Staff SCMTD Bus Passes will increase from $3/month to $5/month on September 1, 2007; cash or credit card purchases of this bus pass will cost $56 for the 07-08 year. Even as program costs rise, the new rate maintains a 60 percent subsidy and represents a 90 percent savings over the consumer price of an SCMTD Monthly Bus Pass.

Commuter vanpool rates will also increase by $4/month, in order to cover rising fuel costs--which account for more than one-third the total cost of the vanpool program. This increase maintains a 56 percent subsidy rate for the vanpool program. The vanpool rate increases will take effect September 1, 2007.

In the past, TAPS rates have been reviewed by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), a group consisting of faculty, staff, and student representatives. This year, in an effort to provide a greater level of review by campus constituents, the TAPS rate proposal was reviewed first by TAC and then by the Campus Welfare Committee (CWC). This new process

resulted in more in-depth discussion about rates, subsidies, and funding methodologies--and, ultimately, in a greater understanding of TAPS and the success of its sustainable transportation programs.

This extended process resulted in a later approval date and, consequently, parking and program renewals commenced on June 21. TAPS staff are working to process renewal applications as quickly as possible, with distribution of new parking permits and bus passes already under way. In the event that applications filed this week cannot be processed by July 2, TAPS has arranged with Parking Enforcement and the SCMTD to honor Annual 2006-07 parking permits and Faculty/Staff Bus Passes through Friday, July 13. If

you need assistance with the TAPS renewal process, please contact Andy

Klein at (831) 459-3724 (or ajklein@ucsc.edu).