UCSC to host weeklong philosophy conference on Wittgenstein

Daniel Guevara
Jonathan Ellis

More than 40 scholars from across the country and abroad will gather at UCSC the week of June 21-28 for a conference on philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and his significance for contemporary philosophy of mind.

The event will be hosted by UCSC associate professor of philosophy Daniel Guevara and assistant professor of philosophy Jonathan Ellis.

"Wittgenstein is considered by many to be one of the greatest philosophers in history and was certainly a huge intellectual figure of the 20th century," the two professors noted. "His contribution to the philosophy of mind, in particular, is deep and wide-ranging. It bears upon philosophical questions concerning introspection, perception, concept-formation, the understanding of rules, the relation between mind and brain, artificial intelligence, and many other subjects of contemporary concern."

They added that although it is widely recognized that Wittgenstein's work on these issues is groundbreaking and enduring, his contributions have not received the kind of attention from contemporary philosophers of mind that many insist they deserve.

Professors Ellis and Guevara have raised nearly $50,000 for the conference from a wide range of supporters, including Cowell College, UCSC's Institute for Humanities Research, UC Humanities Research Institute, Sydney E. Frank Foundation, the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor's Office, the Departments of Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, History of Consciousness, and Psychology, the Deans of Humanities and Social Sciences, Bonny Doon Vineyard, Peter Beckmann, J. H. Bogart, and Andrew Guevara.

For more information, contact: wittgensteinconfsupport@gmail.com.