CruzPay Phase 2 Plans

To: Staff and Faculty

From: CruzPay Project Team

We are pleased to inform you of the plans for Phase 2 of the CruzPay

project. CruzPay, the Enterprise Time and Attendance System on the UCSC

campus, was implemented in August 2006 with nearly 1600 Staff employees

using CruzPay to report time worked and leave taken. We are now embarking

on the next phase which will bring additional functionality and student

employees into the system.

Electronic Workflow will allow employees and supervisors to submit and approve timesheets on-line, with no need to print paper copies. Electronic Workflow will be phased in for current staff employees using CruzPay beginning Summer 2007. For most employees currently using the system the only change will be no longer printing their timesheet. Employees and supervisors will be notified individually of the change in their time reporting and will receive instructions on how to electronically submit and approve timesheets.

Student employees in non-academic positions are scheduled to begin using CruzPay during the Winter Quarter 2008.

Additional details about CruzPay Phase 2 can be found on our web site: We will continue to update this site as the project progresses and encourage you to visit this site to stay informed.

The CruzPay project team in conjunction with the SHR Service Teams is dedicated to making the CruzPay experience a positive one.

If you have any questions regarding the CruzPay plans, please send email