Excellence in Teaching winners announced

From left are Committee on Teaching chair Murray Baumgarten, David Draper, Andrew Szasz, Adriane Steinacker, Acting Chancellor Blumenthal, Mara Mather, Bruce Lyon, and George Brown.

Seven faculty members and 10 teaching assistants have been honored with 2006-07 Excellence in Teaching Awards for their exemplary and inspiring teaching.

Selected by the UCSC Academic Senate Committee on Teaching and the Graduate Council, the 2006-07 Excellence in Teaching Awards were presented by Acting Chancellor George Blumenthal and Committee on Teaching Chair Murray Baumgarten May 23 at University House.

The faculty winners, followed by the wording on their certificates, are:

George Brown, physics: who received the Ron Ruby Award for Teaching Excellence in the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences, for extraordinory effectiveness in teaching physics, for working to enrich the science curriculum, for being patient and encouraging, for making difficult concepts comprehensible, for an enduring commitment to the learning of all.

David Draper, applied mathematics and statistics: for exceptional commitment to teaching applied mathematics and statistics, for creating a positive learning environment, for well-crafted lectures, real-world case studies, and interactive problem-solving,

for helping students teach themselves how to learn.

Bruce Lyon, ecology and evolutionary biology: for inspiring teaching of ecology and evolutionary biology,for enthusiasm and humor, for encouraging deep learning through

memorable field trips, photographs, and real-life anecdotes, for sparking questions and encouraging students to explore.

Mara Mather, psychology: for challenging and engaging teaching in psychology, for impressive depth of knowledge, for encouraging active participation in a collaborative environment, for being supportive and respectful of all students.

Brad Olsen, education: for engaging and effective teaching of education, for treating students as equals, for encouraging them to critique ideas and construct their own understanding, for being a role model for future educators.

Adriane Steinacker, astronomy and astrophysics: and for extraordinary dedication in teaching astronomy and physics, for fostering a love of science through clarity, memorable demonstrations, and infectious enthusiasm, for making the lecture hall seem personal.

Andrew Szasz, sociology: for compassionate and inspiring teaching of sociology, for creating memorable lectures, for telling stories, for tempering seriousness with good humor and optimism for making learning relevant to students' lives.

Graduate student winners are Chris Baker, psychology; Amanda Calvert, history of consciousness; Carrie Cifka-Herrera, education; Ascander Dost, linguistics; Jeffrey Hagen, computer science; Marisa Knight, psychology; Michael Murphy, history; Greg O'Bryan, chemistry; Marina Sarran, sociology; and Kojun Sunseri, anthropology.