Message from Vice Provost, Larry Merkley - CruzMail Update

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff

From: Larry Merkley, Vice Provost, Information Technology

I write to update you on recent developments regarding our CruzMail email system. Over the last six months, many of you have experienced significant email disruptions. In my view, these email disruptions are simply unacceptable. Personally and on behalf of the ITS Division, I apologize and thank you for your patience and understanding.

I'd like you to be aware of our next steps toward creating a stable and reliable e-mail service for the campus.

In March the ITS senior management team initiated an external review of CruzMail to discover the causes of service instabilities. The review examined every aspect of CruzMail. For information, the executive summary is posted online at:

As a direct result of the review, I have assigned staff members and technical experts to lead an aggressive stabilization project for CruzMail that will result in implementing many of the recommendations from the external review. This work has already begun and will continue over the next 90 days. The stabilization project will address needs related to the technology, change processes, service management, and features necessary to bring the CruzMail service to an acceptable level.

The ITS staff and I recognize how important it is for you to maintain confidence in our services, and we are determined to be able to deliver a reliable email service as we complete the stabilization project.

I will provide you with updates on our status and welcome your input as we proceed.

Best regards,

Larry Merkley

Vice Provost

Information Technology