Hate/Bias Incident on Campus

To: Campus Community

From: Acting Chancellor George Blumenthal

I am saddened to report that on March 12, offensive and racist messages were etched on a bathroom wall at the Baskin School of Engineering. We do not yet know who is responsible for this incident.

However, I want to communicate in the strongest terms possible that this type of hateful vandalism deeply disturbs many in our community and we will not tolerate such behavior. This incident is one of several similar acts of vandalism on campus this academic year, including the recent defacement of a poster at Porter College promoting a religious event.

As a campus, we must reject and denounce these offensive activities, refocusing our commitment both to a diverse community that embraces and promotes a climate of inclusion and to a community that respects students, staff, faculty, and guests of all races, ethnic groups, traditions, backgrounds, and cultures. These values are clearly articulated in our campus's Principles of Community: www.ucsc.edu/about/principles_community.asp

I call upon all of us to join our colleagues and friends in discussions on how to challenge racism and racist incidents. I encourage you to consider participating in conversations, trainings, or other gatherings to discuss the impacts that these incidents can have on our community.

Furthermore, if you have any information about this incident, or if you wish to report any such incidents in the future, I strongly urge you to contact one of the following offices:

* University Police - Emergency, 911/Reporting, (831) 459-2231

* Student Judicial Affairs - Doug Zuidema, (831) 459-4447, dzuidema@ucsc.edu

* EEO/AA - Patti Hiramoto, (831) 459-2349, hiramoto@ucsc.edu