Student Town Hall

To: UCSC Staff

From: The Student Union Assembly

The Student Union Assembly would like to invite the UCSC community to the

Student Town Hall. We hope you will join us in a dialogue about issues on

campus like: Diversity, Responses to Student Activism, Quality of Education, Funding, Student Services, and Administrative Sensitivity to student needs. We know that some of these topics are very broad so it really is going to be up to students to share more specific examples and experiences in dealing with things like financial aid, advising, and/or transportation.

What we want is to hear the voices and see the faces of those who academic and University policy affects the most. This event is open for students to step up to a microphone and address administrators who have agreed to be there (like the Chancellor), and each other, in an effort to confront these issues and look for possible solutions. We strongly encourage all of you, as students, to come and share your experience at UCSC. Your testimonials will illustrate what needs to be changed better than any speech can! There will also be delicious FREE FOOD! The Town Hall will be Wednesday, February 28th, at the Kresge Town Hall (Food 5:30-6:00 pm, Town Hall 6:00-8:30 pm).

We also know that, as students, you all have significant information. Knowing this, we will be providing a couple of tables for people to advertise their events or any information they feel is valuable.