Violence in the Workplace

To: UCSC Academic and Staff Employees

From: Willeen McQuitta, Director, Staff Human Resources

As you may know, during 2006-07 Staff Human Resources is taking an opportunity to update our campus preparedness and response to potential violence in the workplace. Thus far, we have revised the UCSC Workplace Violence Policy and Procedures and sponsored five (5) briefings on Violence in the Workplace for UCSC managers and supervisors.

Now, we would like to provide information on this important topic to other members of the campus community. All academic and staff employees are invited to:

1. Take a brief online course to learn about violence in the workplace, and how to identify warning signs, manage aggressive behavior, and increase personal safety. No registration is necessary--just click the "Online Training" link at

The training is accompanied by voice narration. If you don't have sound on your computer, click the Notes button on the lower right hand corner of each slide.

2. Review the UCSC Workplace Violence Policies and Procedures:

If you have questions, please call Frank Widman, Senior Technical Training Consultant for Training and Development, at 459-1269