Statements concerning litigation announced against LRDP

From Kelly Drumm, University Counsel, Office of General Counsel, University of California Regents:

The University of California believes that the Environmental Impact Report for UC Santa Cruz's Long-Range Development Plan as certified and adopted by The Regents at the board's September meeting fully complies with the California Environmental Quality Act. The University intends to vigorously defend the document against any legal challenge.

From George Blumenthal, UC Santa Cruz Acting Chancellor:

While the announcement today came as no surprise, it is disappointing to learn that the University of California is being sued over its recent approval of the Long-Range Development Plan for the Santa Cruz campus. The University believes the plan is fully compliant with the law and is necessary to meet California's societal needs as well as to provide future access to UC for students throughout California.

Since my appointment as Acting Chancellor in July, I have personally expressed in public meetings and private conversations with City and other elected officials my willingness to work together and avoid costly litigation. In fact, this lawsuit will prove extremely costly for the city, county, and the campus at a time when we should be combining our resources to solve problems together.

In response to community concerns, I recommended to UC Regents last month that the board take the unilateral step of reducing by 25 percent the potential enrollment growth in UCSC's long-range plan. The Regents accepted that recommendation in their unanimous vote.

I remain convinced that the most productive course for the City, County, and University is one of full engagement concerning the issues arising from University growth. As Acting Chancellor of UCSC, I pledge to actively pursue that kind of serious engagement about our shared future.