UC Santa Cruz's new year getting under way

UC Santa Cruz students began moving into university housing on Friday (September 15), in anticipation of the 2006-07 school year. The first day of instruction in the fall quarter is Thursday, September 21.

'Move-in' activities began on Friday, September 15. Above, Alyssamarie Guijo of Castro Valley and Anna Tuazon of Fremont, best friends from high school, pose outside their Oakes College room, where they posted a photo from their high school graduation. (All "move-in" photos by Jennifer McNulty)
The fall-quarter "move in" for students living on campus was scheduled to continue through Sunday, September 17.

Here are some facts and figures about this year's student body, new academic programs the campus is offering, and new buildings that are under construction:


UCSC's 2006-07 academic year enrollment is expected to average 14,767 over the fall, winter, and spring quarters. In addition, UCSC expects to enroll another 300 students in off-campus venues, such as the Education Abroad Program and the UC-DC program in Washington D.C.

Of the 14,767 students expected to enroll on campus, 13,345 will be undergraduates; 1,422 are projected to enroll in graduate studies. During the course of the year, approximately 4,700 new undergraduate students (3,400 freshmen and 1,300 transfer students) are expected to enroll. The new undergraduates were admitted from among approximately 30,000 applicants to UCSC.

Profile of New Freshmen:

The most popular majors among freshmen who have already declared are in the many areas of the biological sciences, in business management economics, and in psychology.

Nearly 65 percent of the freshmen have declared a major. The other freshmen have expressed interest in a more general academic area of the following clusters: business and economics; education; environmental sciences; human psychology, culture, and society; information sciences, engineering, and technology; languages, literatures, and communication; liberal arts and area studies; life and health sciences; physical sciences and math; and visual and performing arts and media.

Of the freshmen expected, approximately 43 percent identified themselves as either African American, Chicano, Latino, American Indian, or Asian/Asian American; this is the largest percentage of underrepresented freshmen ever at UCSC. The average grade-point average (G.P.A.) of admitted freshmen is 3.69.

More than 40 percent of incoming freshmen come from the Bay Area/Northern California, while another 35 percent will be coming from Southern California.

Profile of New Transfers:

Similar to the freshmen, the most popular majors for transfer students who have already declared are in the many areas of the biological sciences and psychology, with the major in literature proving popular among transfers.

Of the transfers expected, approximately 31 percent identified themselves as African American, Chicano, Latino, American Indian, or Asian/Asian American. The G.P.A. of admitted transfers is 3.27.

Nearly 95 percent of incoming transfer students are coming from the California community colleges. Students from Cabrillo College are expected to total approximately 150, comprising more than 15 percent of all incoming transfers. Just over 28 percent of transfers will come from the Bay Area/Northern California; an equal percentage is expected from Southern California.

New Academic Programs for UCSC Students:

o Computer Engineering: New B.S. concentration in autonomous and embedded systems

o Computer Science: New B.S. program in computer game design

o Earth and Planetary Sciences: Departmental name change from Earth Sciences

o Feminist Studies: New B.A. concentrations in culture, power, and representation; law, politics, and social change; science, technology, and medicine; sexuality studies

o Literature: New B.A. concentrations in critical theory and in literature and film

o Music: New Ph.D. program in music emphasizing cross-cultural studies

New Buildings/Other Infrastructure Projects:

A number of construction projects are recently completed or will continue through part or all of the 2006-07 academic year. The projects include:

o Science Hill/Physical Sciences Building: Most construction work on the building has been completed, and the building's new occupants have begun moving in. The Physical Sciences Building will provide 132,000 assignable square feet of space for laboratories and classrooms in chemistry, environmental toxicology, and the Jack Baskin School of Engineering.

o Humanities and Social Sciences Facility: Completion of the three-building complex, located north of Cowell College at the northwest corner of Hagar and McLaughlin Drives, is expected later this fall. The Humanities and Social Sciences Facility will include a single-story 300-seat lecture hall; the six-story Humanities 1 Building, with classrooms, faculty, and TA offices, Division of Humanities and humanities department offices; and the four-story Humanities 2 Building, with Education Department classrooms and offices (the social sciences part of the project), other general assignment classrooms, and Humanities Division areas including language labs, and computer labs.

o McHenry Library Expansion: After 10 years of planning, the McHenry Library Addition and Renovation Project took a giant step toward reality as construction began a year ago. The expanded and renovated McHenry Library will provide increased space to better serve library users. The project, scheduled for completion in 2009, will provide the campus with an outstanding, architecturally designed building in a setting of terraced reading gardens, redwoods, and cherry trees.

o Cook House retrofitting: The Cook House seismic retrofitting has begun and is scheduled for completion in spring 2007. The campus tour operation and Admissions Outreach have moved to Hahn 125. UCSC has designated parking spaces for reserved-tour visitors in the Hahn parking lot; spaces are marked with signage. The north and south parking lots at Cook House are closed for site accessibility improvements; the Barn Theater lot nearby remains open.

o Emergency Response Center: In order to consolidate campus emergency services, construction began a year ago on the Emergency Response Center, located in the south part of campus near the Carriage House and Women's Center. Construction is expected to be completed later this academic year.

For more information about these and other projects, please go to: construction.ucsc.edu.