Statement: University of California lawsuit related to City of Santa Cruz ballot measures

The General Counsel's Office of the University of California issued the following statement about UC's decision to challenge the City of Santa Cruz's placement of UC-related ballot measures on the November city ballot.

"The University of California believes that the City of Santa Cruz, in placing its UC-related measures on the November ballot, failed to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act by not identifying and discussing all of the environmental impacts of its actions. Instead, the City denied there would be any impacts whatsoever and, further, gave less than the legally required notice of its action to the University and to the general public.

"In recent months the University has demonstrated its commitment to working with the City by investing resources in productive collaboration for the mitigation of campus-generated impacts. However, the University believes that it is obliged to challenge the City-sponsored ballot measures.

"Not only is the City threatening to withhold contractually obligated water to a UC campus, the City placed the ballot measures on the ballot without a full disclosure to voters of the environmental impacts that could be created by the City's own measures."

See correspondence from UC General Counsel's Office to the City of Santa Cruz:

. July 21, 2006 letter

. August 4, 2006 letter