Gas leak causes Hahn evacuation; building open for business first thing Thursday

A leak of natural gas prompted UCSC fire officials on Wednesday to evacuate staff from the Hahn Student Services Building. Approximately 80 people left the building at 3:15 in the afternoon. The building was declared safe to reoccupy about an hour later.

The leak was related to work being done outside the building in an area where an emergency generator is under construction.

While the building is now safe to occupy and will be open for business first thing on Thursday, heat and hot water will not be restored to the building immediately.

The evacuation involved fewer people than normally would have been the case, as the building is undergoing seismic retrofit construction during this academic year. That project required that the second floor be vacated earlier this year, leaving only first-floor occupants to exit during Wednesday's evacuation.

UCSC fire, environmental health & safety, and physical plant crews were on the scene at Hahn on Wednesday.

This information is also available on the campus's communications hotline: 459-INFO.