Meeting coordinated by student representatives on the LRDP Committee

Student representatives on the campus's Long Range Development Plan Committee have organized a meeting for this Friday, April 16, to discuss various aspects of the project. Meeting details are shown, below:

2005-2020 LRDP Student Involvement Meeting:

this FRIDAY, April 16, 2004

2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

(come for as long as you can)

Bay Tree Conference Room #B

3rd Floor Bay Tree Bookstore

(new time at 2 PM, Friday)

We will Discuss and Prioritize Student Values about:

* Land-Use and Environment,

* Housing and Student Life,

* Transportation and Circulation,

* Technology and Infrastructure,

* UCSC and the Community and

* Academics & the Colleges

The results of the Student Involvement Meeting will be used to better inform the LRDP Committee's understanding and inclusion of the student perspective.

( PLEASE NOTE: Spring is a very important time to give input. If you can't make the meeting: e-mail what you think UCSC should care about for the above topics to: )


WHAT IS THE Long Range Development Plan (LRDP)?

The 2005-2020 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) will plan for number of students enrolled, number of faculty and programs, transportation systems, land use, housing & student life, community relations, infrastructure & technology, and impacts to the social, built and natural environments. Once every fifteen years our campus redefines its vision, academic priorities, and physical development strategy through a Long Range Development Plan (LRDP). This is YOUR CHANCE TO DECIDE THE FUTURE OF OUR CAMPUS. The LRDP will firmly impact everything (physical, academic & social) about UCSC and our Community.

* The Strategic Futures Committee has recommended an initial working number of 21,000 students for 2020:

* To research further information about the 2005-2020 LRDP Process,

the LRDP Physical Planning Committee and the Strategic Futures Academic Planning Committee (SFC):


Student Representatives can be reached via:


We look forward to your attendance and participation.

Thank You,

Student Representatives:

Matt Waxman (, LRDPC

James Sheldon (, LRDPC

Tamara Belknap (, LRDPC

Trace Camacho (, SFC