UC Santa Cruz hosts American Indian Colloquium Series in February

Merrill College at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is hosting the Merrill American Indian Colloquium Series 2004 during the month of February, and the public is invited to attend a series of free events that highlight this year's theme, "Service to Native American Communities."

Guest speakers will address ways to serve the needs of Native American communities through health, art, and nonprofit programs. All presentations will take place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Baobab Lounge at Merrill College.

Tuesday, February 10

"Health as a Way to Promote Native American Community Development"

Larry Swimmer (Lakota)

Swimmer will discuss health as a way to promote Native American community development, integrating traditional philosophies with existing infrastructures, and the processes and rewards of mentoring leadership with a community vision of serving people as a whole. Swimmer is chair of the Board of Directors of the Native American Health Center and founder of the Red Willow Lodge traditional healing ministry, which serves needy youth.

Tuesday, February 17

"Serving Native American Communities Through Art"

Consuelo Jimenez Underwood (Huichol, mestiza)

Underwood will discuss developing and using art to serve Native American communities. Her image-based presentation will feature slides of her work with visual references to personal and social context. She will address and illustrate struggles pertaining to cultural survival, land, language, and oppression among American Indian communities. Underwood is a visual artist and a professor of art in the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University.

Tuesday, February 24

"Assessing Needs and Tailoring a Nonprofit's Programs to Service an Urban Native American Community"

David Yohn (Ojibway)

Yohn will discuss approaches to working with urban Native American communities, addressing such topics as how to be respectful of cultural differences both within and outside the community and how to tailor nonprofit program offerings to meet assessed needs with available funds. Yohn has started and served as executive director of several nonprofit organizations and two cable television stations. He is director of Global Business Development Celerity Group/Marchi Systems and executive director of the Ableza Institute.