EDITOR'S ADVISORY: UCSC experts available to discuss U.S.-Iraqi crisis and related topics

The following experts are available to discuss the U.S.-Iraqi crisis and related topics. If you need assistance, please call Jennifer McNulty in the UC Santa Cruz Public Information Office at (831) 459-4399 or send e-mail to jmcnulty@ucsc.edu.


Alan Richards--A frequent consultant to the State Department and the Department of Defense on Middle Eastern affairs during the past 10 years, Richards is a professor of environmental studies and coauthor of the book, A Political Economy of the Middle East. His article, "Explaining the Appeal of Islamic Radicals," is online at http://www2.ucsc.edu/cgirs/publications/gpb/GPB1.pdf. Office: (831) 459-4662; arr@ucsc.edu.

Isebill "Ronnie" Gruhn--A professor of politics with expertise in international law and security, the United Nations, and U.S. diplomacy, Gruhn is available to discuss U.S. foreign policy. Office: (831) 459-2583; ronnie@ucsc.edu.

Daniel Wirls--An associate professor of politics, Wirls can discuss U.S. politics, the presidency, and Congress. Office: (831) 459-2134; wirls@ucsc.edu.


Anthony Pratkanis--A widely quoted expert on persuasion and propaganda, including war propaganda, Pratkanis tracks the use of persuasion techniques by government, politicians, advertisers, and cult leaders, among others. He is coauthor of Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion. Office: (831) 459-4935; peitho@ucsc.edu.


Barbara Epstein--A scholar of social movements from temperance to nonviolent direct action, Epstein is available to discuss antiwar organizing in the United States and elsewhere. A veteran of the Free Speech Movement, Epstein teaches courses on theories of social movements and the history of social movements in the U.S. She is a professor of history of consciousness. Office: (831) 459-2441; bepstein@nature.berkeley.edu.


Paul Lubeck--A professor of sociology, Lubeck specializes in religious and social diversity within Islam. He is director of a Carnegie-funded research project examining how Islamic social movements are challenging economic globalization. Office: (831) 459-2906; lubeck@ucsc.edu.

Ronnie Lipschutz--An expert on international affairs and global political networks, Lipschutz specializes in peacemaking and conflict resolution. A professor of politics, he is coeditor of the book, The Myth of "Ethnic Conflict": Politics, Economics, and "Cultural" Violence, which links ethnic conflicts around the world to the swift pace of global economic integration and political change. Office: (831) 459-3275; rlipsch@ucsc.edu.