The beautiful and spiritual Tantric chanting of the Gyuto Monks of Tibet



of Tibet


» TWO NIGHTS ONLY: Wednesday & Thursday, March 27 & 28, 2002 at 8pm

» UCSC Music Center Recital Hall

» Admission: $23 Adult; $19 Students & Seniors w/ ID; $13 UCSC Students w/ ID

» Tickets: UCSC Ticket Office: 831.459.2159 / On-Line:

"Without any question, they represent the spirit and culture of Tibet at its highest level."

--Philip Glass, composer

UC Santa Cruz Arts & Lectures presents the beautiful and spiritual Tantric chanting of the Gyuto Monks of Tibet at the UC Santa Cruz Music Center Recital Hall on Wednesday, March 27, and Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 8:00pm. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the Gyuto Monks during their special 2002 West Coast tour.


The liturgical arts of Tibetan Buddhism, developing for centuries in relative isolation on the high plateaus of a mountain-ringed land, are extraordinarily rich and beautiful. The Tantric texts of Gyuto performed by the Monks create, through musical prayer, and spiritual dedication, an awe-inspiring world of enlightenment and bliss.


After hearing the extraordinary multiphonic chanting of the Gyuto Monks in 1987, Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart resolved to bring the monks to America and make them known to a wider audience. In addition to their own two recordings produced by Hart, the music of the Gyuto monks can be heard on the film soundtracks of Kundun and Seven Years in Tibet.

Many varied Buddhist traditions of India have been preserved only in Tibet, and are therefore a cultural treasure of mankind. Distinct sects and traditions developed in Tibet and now coexist in exile: that of the Gyuto Tantric College/Monastery is one of the most esoteric, complex and awe inspiring. For 500 years, the Gyuto college prospered at the National Cathedral in Lhasa with 900 or more monks in residence. Now exiled to India by the Chinese annexation of Tibet, the Gyuto leaders have reestablished a monastery near Bomdi-La, India.

Preparation for membership in a monastic order normally begins in childhood and requires many years of training. This training includes memorization of extensive liturgical texts, learning yogic techniques of meditation and visualization, and the cultivation of one or more liturgical arts.

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