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Empty Nest Syndrome? Not for these new Slug parents

The Cotas
Mariza Cortez-Cota of Sonora, right, with daughter Alexandra, an incoming UCSC freshman.

According to popular wisdom, Empty Nest Syndrome sufferers become lonely and despondent when their kids move out. But an enthusiastic group of Slug parents, whose children headed off to UC Santa Cruz this fall, don't fit that psychological profile. [More]

Move-in madness: No boring move-in weekend here! Disco and car washes accompanied last weekend's big event. Also, check out a slideshow from the weekend.

45 years of UCSC

Also Featured

Elliot Aronson

Word pictures: In a new memoir, social psychologist Elliot Aronson does what he does best: tell stories. [More]

William Coulter

Founding fiddler: Music lecturer William Coulter has released a new CD showcasing the music of Thomas Jefferson. [More]

Sea otter pup

Otter deaths: Researchers found that a toxin produced by blooms of freshwater bacteria has been flowing into the ocean, poisoning sea otters. [More]

New website

Fresh look: We've launched a newly designed campus home page and other UCSC web pages. [More]

UCSC In the news

Quake coverage: Seismologist Thorne Lay's research on the 2009 Samoa-Tonga earthquake received widespread news coverage, including in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and more. [More]

Holy bat extinction: Environmental studies postdoc Winifred Frick's prediction of a regional extinction of the little brown bat within 20 years also generated major publicity. [More]

Parade of praise: Parade magazine included UCSC on its A-list of large state schools. [More]

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