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Founders Dinner honors achievement, celebrates UCSC's roots

Chancellor Blumenthal at Founders Dinner
Chancellor Blumenthal speaks at Founders Day Dinner. (Photo: Steve Kurtz)

The fourth annual UC Santa Cruz Founders Day Dinner celebrated an environmentalist/explorer, an NPR science correspondent, a theater arts professor, and a charitable foundation that helped start the campus. [More]

View tribute videos from the event.

Hope for the oceans: Jean-Michel Cousteau at Foundation Forum: 'I am convinced we can change' [More]

Lively 45: Look for our 45+5 campaign--monthly profiles celebrating 45 prominent alumni in recognition of UCSC's 45th anniversary, along with five "up and coming" young alumni in anticipation of our 50th. Rolling out soon.

Also Featured

Earth-sized planet orbiting Gliese 581

Out of this world: Planet hunters may have found the most Earth-like exoplanet yet--and the first strong case for a potentially habitable one. [More]

Donors with road signs

Lost no more: For the first time since its creation, UC Santa Cruz now has names for all of its roads, streets, and byways. [More]

Karen Yamashita

Power of the pen: Professor Karen Tei Yamashita has been nominated for a 2010 National Book Award. [More]

New website

Less is more: Conservation biologists have proposed limiting salmon fishing off British Columbia to help ecosystems and economies. [More]

UCSC In the news

New frontier: The announcement that UC Santa Cruz astronomer Steven Vogt and a team of scientists may have discovered a planet with the potential to support life captured international news attention. [More]

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