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University of California, Santa Cruz
JUNE 2018
Approximately 3,200 students have applied to participate in college commencement ceremonies.
Cap? Check. Gown? Check. Commencement 2018
Slugs are ready to walk—and join the UC Santa Cruz alumni family in this Year of Alumni. Commencement ceremonies will be June 14–17, and for the first time in more than a decade, exercises will be held in the newly renovated Quarry Amphitheater, as well as on the East Field.
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Photo of Beth Shapiro
New honor for paleogenomics superstar
Beth Shapiro, a leader in the field of ancient DNA, is among 19 top scientists selected to be Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators
Harry Potter was one of the most popular Humanities offerings of 2018, with nearly 400 students enrolling.
Harry Potter course leaves students spellbound
One of the most popular Humanities offerings of 2018, a course on Harry Potter used each volume in the wizarding series as a means to discuss literary theory.
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Alumni Updates
Lisa White (Ph.D. ’90, Earth sciences)
Lisa White: Fueled by fossils
If you have a saber-toothed tiger fang on your desk, there’s a good chance your life is pretty interesting. So it is with Lisa White (Ph.D. ’90, Earth sciences), who is a working paleontologist.
Rolando Perez (Kresge ’15, bioengineering)
Rolando Perez: Free from fear of failure
In science, failure can be an important part of learning. The same can be said of Rolando Perez (Kresge ’15, bioengineering), now a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford in one of science’s most cutting-edge fields.
Special Report
The San Quentin debate team and the UC Santa Cruz debate team.
Up for debate
New special report: Can public philosophy teach us to think? A very unusual debate between seven philosophy students from UC Santa Cruz and a team of prison inmates from San Quentin sought to provide a new normal in how we talk about the really big issues confronting us today.
Kraw Lecture: Data security, data privacy, and you
Featured Event
Kraw Lecture: Data security, data privacy, and you 
Tuesday, June 19
UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus
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Santa Cruz–Wednesday, June 27
Neighborhood Networking Night
at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
London, UK–Sunday, July 15
Virgin Sport British 10k
in London
Los Angeles–Saturday, August 4
Banana Slugs at the LA Dodgers
at Dodger Stadium
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This is UC Santa Cruz
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Photo of Keith Curry.
“Stay connected. It isn’t all about the money.”
An inspiring message from an Oakes alumnus and Compton College president Keith Curry.
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